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One of the "issues" the media has been going on about in recent weeks has been the "electability" of Howard Dean versus the other candidates.

There is no issue of electability.

The issues are healthcare, foreign policy, the environment, fiscal responsibility, education... Electability is a pseudo-issue the media has introduced in order to deflect attention away from what Howard Dean's campaign stands for.

I decided to join this campaign and to support Howard Dean last summer because I believed, and still believe, that his vision for America is what most Americans dream of their country truly being.

I was an American who was disgruntled with his government, but with no real voice, no channel through which I could express my concerns and truly be heard. I was so disgusted with this situation that I began to consider giving up what my parents had fought so hard for: American citizenship. If you've lived your whole life as an American citizen, you may or may not take that for granted. I don't. I never have. It's not an easy thing to come by. It is definitely not something that one gives up lightly. I am proud to be an American. I love America. Being an American is a privilege and honor.

I learned last year that being an American is also a responsibility. Howard Dean was the channel through which this realization came. Instead of packing up my bags and cowering off to Canada or Australia, I took that most American of actions: I decided to fight. But I wanted to fight the good fight, I wanted to help my fellow Americans rise up to the tyranny that had wrested their government from their hands. Howard Dean is the man who energized me, and who continues to bring ordinary Americans together to fight the good fight.

Many people vote for a candidate who they believe will best serve them. I support Howard Dean because I believe he is the candidate who will best support America and the whole world. I cast this vote not in my own best interests, but for the best interests of every American. Because I believe that whether they know it or not right now, Howard Dean will represent them better than anybody else.

My purpose in writing this entry, my purpose in supporting this campaign publicly, and my purpose in attending the meetups, and my purpose in volunteering to call ordinary Americans over the next few days, weeks, and months, is to spread this message. Whether you know it or not right now, Howard Dean represents the best of you. I want you to consider this seriously, and I want you to help me support Howard Dean for President of the United States of America.

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