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July 7, 2006


I'm on Vox! http://jet.vox.com/

For the time being, I'm going to experiment with the service and will be making all new posts over there. It seems like a pretty stable, friendly service so far, and I foresee that eventually I will just move over there and kind of let the old Shanghai Yummy fall into disrepair (well, more than I already have). It's just easier to run the blog off of a good service than to worry about maintenance and templates and the machine staying up, etc...

July 6, 2006

Ken Lay, Burn

Ken Lay, the con-artist swindler chief of Enron who bilked billions out of regular folks like you and me, and ruined countless lives and careers, has died. This is a most unfortunate outcome for those of us who were hoping he would feel the pain of secular justice for many years here before having to face spiritual justice somewhere else. Now we can only hope that his spirit burns forever in the lowest levels of the abyss, right down there with Hitler.

They'd better do some genetic testing on the body, because frankly I could see the swine trying to get away with this whole thing by faking his own death.

July 1, 2006

No Climbing

Leaving for New York for the holiday. As much fun and excitement I've been getting from the mountaineering, I am looking forward to achieving Everest heights from the comfort of my window seat instead...