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Maytag Stupidity

Maytag designed their Atlantis washer with inset hose connectors. These connectors make it impossible to gain the leverage necessary to seal the washers without either some sort of specialized tool or some improvised MacGuyer-esque contraption (I used a vice grip to grip a vice grip gripping the hose connector).

There are two possibilities:

Either Maytag engineers are the most stupid, asinine, idiotic, moribund, foolish, dumb, morons on the planet,

Or, more likely,

Those bastards at Maytag deliberately designed it this way so that the vast majority of people who own this washer could not do something as simple as replacing the hoses without a costly repairman from Maytag coming out to do it for them.

If Maytag designed a shoe, it would require you to call them up to tie the laces.