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Flat Peaks

I just read an awesome article on the recording industry's incongruous mantra of louder is better. This article is somewhat technical in nature, but the author has written it in terms that everyone can understand.

Of the many, many principles and trends that infuriate me with the recording industry, this is probably one of the more technical. But it is only another symptom of the general malaise that plagues the modern music industry: the record labels have only their own best interests in mind, not the artists', and not the consumers'.

I've already mentioned that I very rarely buy recorded music anymore, and there are many reasons for this. I cannot in good conscience support an industry so afflicted with myopic greed. I cannot support an industry whose technical trends make me sick (their rejection of new technologies, the louder is better mantra, etc...). I cannot support an industry that insists all of their problems are caused by their own consumers. Their profits are being hurt by the fact that they have done nothing to improve their product. The fact that some people have resorted to piracy is a symptom of a greater disease, and the unwillingness of the industry leaders to look inward to solve these problems and embrace change.

Eventually, it is my hope that the record labels and their industry will implode due to their own negligence and disregard for their consumers, artists, and market trends. In the aftermath of this implosion, I hope to see a brave new world where artists are able to directly reach their audiences, and where artists and their audiences are able to interact with each other and give each other input on their art.

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